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Everyone sharing our values and open for living a life beyond our own believes Inspiring because peaceful thought partnership, synergy and energy.

To create a collective platform for everyone who is open for living a life beyond our own believes. Sharing, creating, growing, feeling save and experiencing unity

Spreads mindful movement, body control, inspires wellness and creates communities.

Body .Mind .Soul .through .Yoga . Meditation . Coaching

Though value based actions serving others
Learn how owing your power, be brave
Shifting from fear based into love based
Sharing tools for mental and physical health
Creating wealth, Channing money mindset
Shifting from frustration into fascination
Living a life beyond our expectations
Unity, Equality, Trust, Respect, Compassion, Mindfulness, Love, Courage, Tolerance, Support, Spirituality, Selfcare, Personal Groth, Empathy, Financial security, Helping Others, Transparency


Dani Degenhardt

Dani Degenhardt

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Health prevention – Our daily life is often characterized by deadlines and goals, which are associated with time pressure and performance pressure. In order to prevent stress disorders, such as the burnout syndrome, Meditation and Yoga are perfect tools to create and maintain a personal balance in life.

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